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AutoCAD 2D/3D Course Overview:

AutoCAD, a powerhouse in the realm of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), offers a versatile platform for transforming ideas into detailed designs. Our AutoCAD 2D and 3D course is a comprehensive journey from foundational concepts to advanced modeling techniques.

Key Highlights:

  1. Introduction to AutoCAD: Dive into the AutoCAD interface, basic commands, and 2D drawing tools. Master the essentials of navigation and workspace customization.

  2. Drawing and Editing: Explore a spectrum of drawing and editing tools, from Lines to Polygons. Learn to manipulate and edit objects with precision.

  3. Layers and Annotations: Grasp the significance of layer management, object properties, and text annotations to convey information effectively.

  4. Advancing to 3D: Transition seamlessly to 3D modeling. Extrude 2D shapes into 3D solids, and harness advanced tools for complex object creation.

  5. 3D Visualization: Discover the art of 3D visualization. Explore materials, lighting, and rendering techniques to breathe life into your designs.

  6. Specializations: Tailor your AutoCAD skills to specific fields like architecture, mechanical design, and more. Practical projects and case studies simulate real-world applications.

  7. Capstone Project: Showcase your expertise with a capstone project that combines 2D and 3D skills. It's your canvas to express your creativity and technical prowess.

  8. Certification and Beyond: For those seeking validation, AutoCAD certification is available. This opens doors to a myriad of career opportunities.

AutoCAD 2D 3D Syllabus :

Month 1: Introduction to AutoCAD and 2D Drawing

  • Week 1: Basic Concepts (10 hours)

    • Introduction to AutoCAD and its interface.

    • Drawing setup, units, and coordinate systems.

    • Basic drawing commands: Line, Circle, Arc.

  • Week 2: Drawing and Editing Tools (12 hours)

    • More drawing tools: Polyline, Polygon, Ellipse.

    • Editing commands: Move, Copy, Rotate, Mirror.

    • Introduction to layers and object properties.

  • Week 3: Advanced 2D Drawing (8 hours)

    • Advanced editing tools: Offset, Trim, Extend.

    • Dimensioning: Linear and Radial dimensions.

    • Text and annotations.

Month 2: Introduction to 3D Modeling

  • Week 4: Transition to 3D (10 hours)

    • Introduction to 3D modeling concepts.

    • Basic 3D drawing commands: Extrude, PressPull.

    • Editing 3D objects.

  • Week 5: Creating 3D Objects (12 hours)

    • Advanced 3D primitives: Sphere, Cone, Cylinder.

    • Advanced editing in 3D.

    • Introduction to 3D visualization.

Month 3: Advanced 3D Modeling and Specialization

  • Week 6: Advanced 3D Techniques (10 hours)

    • Advanced 3D modeling tools: Loft, Sweep.

    • Boolean operations: Union, Subtract.

    • 3D viewing and navigation.

  • Week 7: Specializations (8 hours)

    • Tailoring AutoCAD skills to a specific field (e.g., architecture, mechanical design).

    • Applying AutoCAD in real-world projects.

  • Week 8: Capstone Project and Certification (8 hours)

    • Create a comprehensive design project that combines 2D and 3D skills.


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