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Certificate in AutoCAD 2D 3D




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Week 1: Introduction to 3D Modeling

  • Transition from 2D to 3D design.

  • Navigating the 3D workspace in AutoCAD.

  • Basic 3D modeling concepts.

Week 2: Creating 3D Solids

  • Extrude and revolve 2D shapes into 3D solids.

  • Introduction to advanced 3D tools like Loft and Sweep.

Week 3: Editing 3D Models

  • Advanced editing commands for 3D objects.

  • Exploring Boolean operations for complex shapes.

Week 4: Materials and Textures

  • Applying materials to 3D objects.

  • Basic mapping of textures for realistic rendering.

Week 5: 3D Visualization and Rendering

  • Realistic rendering techniques, including lighting and shading.

  • Creating camera views and basic perspectives for presentation.

Week 6: Capstone Project and Review

  • Apply your 3D modeling skills to a comprehensive design project.

  • Course review and an optional discussion on AutoCAD 3D certification and future career paths.


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B.T.P.Y.C is a Computer Shaksharta Mission . B.T.P.Y.C aims Computer Shakshata Mission will be pleace in I.T. professional a large numbers in India.B.T.P.Y.C is new era Computer Education.We provide good quality Education.We 15+ years experienced in Computer Education & AutoCAD .We are focus better computer Education in India.

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