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AutoCAD Online / Offline Course in Berhampore West Bengal.AutoCAD 2D 3D Training for Civil Mechanical Electrical Surveyor Draughtsman Engineering.Whatsapp No: +91 7432090505

Updated: Feb 16

AutoCAD 2D 3D Course(Civil Mechanical Electrical Surveyor Draughtsman Engineering) in Berhampore Murshidabad West Bengal Whatsapp No: +91 7432090505

An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Autocad training Center

Welcome to Bharatiya Tathya Proyukti Yuba Computer. National Quality

Education of Information Technology and Skill Development. B.T.P.Y.C. is a

Computer Shaksharta Mission. B.T.P.Y.C. aims Computer Literate Student

will be place in I.T. professional a large numbers in india. B.T.P.Y.C. is a new

era Computer Education. We provide good quality Education. We are focus

better computer education in India.

Online AutoCAD Training Center in West Bengal
Online AutoCAD Training Center in West Bengal

We provide best quality Education

Course Mode:

1) Online :

1) Offline :

wHATSAPP : +91 7432090505

Online AutoCAD 2D in West Bengal
Online AutoCAD 2D in West Bengal


Certificate in Autocad 2d

Course Duration : 1 Months/2 Months/3 months.

Eligibility : Class –X+i.t.i/Diploma/

Details of Course:-

AutoCAD 2D Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to AutoCAD:

  • Overview of AutoCAD interface and navigation tools.

  • Understanding coordinate systems and units of measurement.

  • Working with files, saving, and opening drawings.

  1. Basic Drawing and Editing Commands:

  • Drawing lines, arcs, circles, and polygons.

  • Editing commands such as move, copy, rotate, scale, and mirror.

  • Using object snaps and tracking for precise drawing.

  1. Layers and Properties:

  • Creating and managing layers.

  • Assigning properties such as color, linetype, and lineweight.

  • Controlling layer visibility and freezing layers.

  1. Dimensioning and Text:

  • Adding dimensions to drawings using linear, angular, and radial dimensioning tools.

  • Creating and editing text styles for annotations.

  • Placing text and labels in drawings.

  1. Blocks and Attributes:

  • Creating and inserting reusable blocks.

  • Defining and modifying block attributes.

  • Working with dynamic blocks for parametric design.

  1. Hatching and Gradient:

  • Applying hatches and gradients to fill closed areas.

  • Modifying hatch patterns and properties.

  1. Layouts and Printing:

  • Creating multiple layouts for different sheets.

  • Setting up title blocks and printing drawings to scale.

Certificate in Autocad 3d

Course Duration : 1 Months/2 Months/3 months.

Eligibility : Class –X+I.T.I / Diploma / B.Tech / B.E

AutoCAD 3D Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to 3D Modeling:

  • Understanding the concepts of 3D modeling in AutoCAD.

  • Overview of 3D workspace and navigation tools.

  1. Creating 3D Objects:

  • Extruding 2D shapes to create 3D solids.

  • Creating surfaces, meshes, and regions.

  • Using sweep, loft, and revolve commands for complex shapes.

  1. Modifying 3D Objects:

  • Editing 3D objects using grips, gizmos, and editing commands.

  • Adding fillets, chamfers, and shells to 3D solids.

  1. Working with 3D Views:

  • Creating and managing multiple viewports.

  • Using 3D orbit, pan, and zoom tools.

  • Setting up visual styles and rendering options.

  1. Creating and Editing Meshes:

  • Creating mesh objects from existing 3D geometry.

  • Modifying mesh topology and smoothing edges.

  1. Lighting and Materials:

  • Applying lighting effects and controlling light sources.

  • Assigning materials to 3D objects and adjusting material properties.

  1. Creating 2D Views from 3D Models:

  • Generating 2D views and sections from 3D models.

  • Setting up layout sheets and printing 3D drawings.

Certificate in Autocad 2d 3d

Course Duration : 3Months / 6 Months.

Eligibility : Class –X+i.t.i/Diploma/

Details of Course:-

Week 1-2: Introduction to AutoCAD and Interface

  • Introduction to Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

  • Overview of AutoCAD interface and workspace

  • Setting up drawing units and limits

  • Basic navigation and zooming techniques

Week 3-4: Basic Drawing Commands in 2D

  • Drawing lines and construction tools

  • Creating and editing basic shapes (circles, rectangles, polygons)

  • Working with layers and properties

  • Understanding object snaps and tracking

Week 5-6: Advanced 2D Drawing Commands

  • Introduction to polylines and splines

  • Exploring editing commands (trim, extend, fillet, chamfer)

  • Creating and editing text (single-line and multiline)

  • Dimensioning techniques and styles

Week 7-8: Introduction to 3D Modeling

  • Understanding the 3D workspace

  • Basic 3D navigation and viewing

  • Creating and editing 3D solids and surfaces

  • Introduction to 3D modeling tools

Week 9-10: Advanced 3D Modeling

  • Extruding and subtracting 3D objects

  • Working with complex 3D shapes

  • Applying materials and textures

  • Lighting and rendering basics

Week 11: Layouts and Printing

  • Setting up paper space and layouts

  • Creating viewports and multiple views

  • Printing and plotting drawings

Week 12: Final Project and Review

  • Applying learned skills to a final project

  • Review of key concepts and tools

  • Q&A session and course wrap-up


  • Weekly assignments and quizzes

  • Mid-term project (2D drawing)

  • Final project (3D modeling and presentation)

Course Fees :-- Contact Nearest BTPYC Study Centre.


WHATSAPP: +91 7432090505

Student Admission Process:-

Student Are Admission To Contact Nearest B.T.P.Y.C. Study Center.

At The Admission Time,Enclose Document:-

1.Passport Size Photo One Copy.

2.Stamp Size Photo One Copy.

3.Educational Doduments (Xerox Copy).

4. Voter Card/ Ration Card (Xerox Copy).

Autocad students features:-

Student Verification.

Online Result Verification.

Online / Offline Class Facility.

Online / Offline Fee Payment Facility.

Online Examination.

Course Fees In Your Capacity.

Good Quality Faculty.

Placement Asistance


WHATSAPP: +91 7432090505



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